Meet Our Sisters

2018 SSC congregational leadership

With joy, we announce the election of 
these Sisters who have accepted the call
to serve in congregational leadership
2018 – 2023. 
Sister Regina Marie Dubickas
General Superior
Sister M. Immacula Wendt
Assistant General Superior
General Treasurer
Sister Elizabeth Ann Yocius 
Sister Margaret Zalot 
Councilor/General Secretary




SSC Administrative Team

The current SSC Leadership Team is shown here at their July, 2013 installation liturgy.  From left: Sr. Margaret Zalot, Councilor/General Secretary; Sr. M. Immacula Wendt, Assistant General Superior/General Treasurer; Sister Regina Marie Dubickas, General Superior; and Sr. Theresa Dabulis, Councilor for On-Going Formation and Spirituality.



~ Reflections Upon Their Installation


Sister Regina Marie Dubickas was a teacher and a Vocation and Formation Director before receiving a doctorate in Psychology in 1995 and beginning her work in a hospital setting and later in private practice.  She always found it a privilege to come to know people at a deeper level, help them discover their inner richness and strength, and accompany them during some of the more difficult parts of their life journey.  The words of Mother Maria that are a particular inspiration to her are “God is here.” Sister Regina Marie enjoys reading and poetry, pinochle and Sudoku.  “Our Chapter theme, ‘Behold, I am doing something new!  Do you not perceive it?’ (Is 43,19) continues to resonate in my heart as we embrace the mystery of God’s call and all that is part of the unfolding of our community’s charism and mission.  ‘Led by God’s Spirit and companioned by one another, we embrace our time as holy, our leadership as gift, and our challenges as blessing.’ (LCWR).”


Sister Immacula Wendt ministered for many years as a teacher and principal in elementary schools and as General Treasurer for the Congregation.  As a loyal White Sox fan, Sister Immacula follows their games throughout the season. She also enjoys music and old movies.

Behold, I am doing something new!”  These words of the Prophet Isaiah perfectly express the core of my life as a Sister of St. Casimir.  Throughout all the years, I have been blessed with the ‘new’ that the Lord has unfolded before me.  A person cannot help but be in awe of the working of the Spirit – marvel at God’s love and goodness that go beyond one’s dreams or imagination.     The ‘new’ blessed my life  during 11 years in New Mexico, my ‘Land of Enchantment’ as teacher of so many little ones, preparing hundreds each year for their First Holy Communion, especially the children in the nearby mission parishes and airbases.  The ‘new’ continued during my years as principal/teacher in Darien before returning to the Motherhouse to experience the  ‘new’ as plant manager, renovator, General Treasurer, and General Superior.  The ‘new’ of the past five years has led us down roads that only now we can see ‘have been so in sync with the plan of God’ as we strengthened the Sisterly bonds between the Sisters of St. Casimir and the Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Scranton, PA, and formally promulgated this covenant relationship; as we sold our 100-year-old Maria High School to Catalyst Maria Charter School where today over 800 children are now receiving an excellent education following in the spirit of Mother Maria and using her words as their motto:  “Always more, always better, always with love;” as we transferred our Holy Cross Hospital to Sinai Health System, where it remains a vital Catholic Hospital, now caring for the health needs of over one million people.

     And it is the ‘new’ today, that leads me to carry out God’s plan in the life of my Sisters in Community, in the health care mission of Holy Cross/Sinai especially through the Catholic Monitoring Committee and Sinai Board membership, in the education mission of Catalyst Maria and the new Maria Kaupas Catholic Center, our Villa Joseph Marie High School, and in the work of the Southwest Organizing Project (SWOP).  God’s plan is always perfect!  We need to let it happen!”


Sister Margaret Zalot has spent most of her years as a Sister of St. Casimir ministering at Maria High School, first as a chemistry/physics teacher and then as Maria’s first President, and she loves to re-connect with Maria alumnae.   As a board member of Villa Joseph Marie (Holland, PA), her alma mater, she continues to bring her ministry experience and her love for Villa to the board table as the board makes plans for a strong future for the Villa.  She has also served as the Congregation’s Vocation and Formation Director, in Congregation leadership, and is actively involved in the Southwest Organizing Project.   She continues to be inspired by Mother Maria Kaupas who wrote “May you give God the gift of an undivided love, a love faithful in all circumstances.”    Sister Margaret noted:  “As each new day unfolds there is a certain newness that is truly gift on both the personal and community level and that connects perfectly with our theme for the next five years that are captured in the words of Isaiah:   ‘Behold, I am doing something new.  Can you not perceive it?’” In her spare time, Sister Margaret likes to learn new things, read, write, sketch, and be creative, always finding new ways to share that creativity with others.


After teaching for many years, Sister Theresa Dabulis, began a new ministry as Director of Religious Education in Silver Spring, Maryland.  She  enjoyed working at the parish particularly with RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults.)  Later, as a clinical social worker, she advocated for the  poor and marginalized at the Department of Social Services in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  She continues seeking opportunities advocating for the poor attending weekly  prayer sessions at the Detention Center in Broadview, Illinois praying for the families that are being  ripped apart by deportation.    Sister Theresa loves listening to music and is usually the first on the floor for a polka with others soon joining in.  She enjoys taking walks in nature and if she could she would be at the ocean.   Upon her 2013 installation Sister Theresa reflects, “What excites me now is that God is doing something new as our eyes and hearts are being open to perceive the newness of God in everything around us.  It’s being AWAKENED to the HOLY.   I believe we will implement the directives of the 2013 General Chapter with a newness that we could never imagine.  Praise God. “


Our 2017 Jubilarians


Sister Evelyn Vichuras

Diamond Jubilee (75 Years)

Sister Evelyn Vichuras was born in Gary, Indiana. Education and health care have been her major areas of ministry.  She began by teaching at Our Lady of Vilna Elementary School (Pilsen) and Nativity BVM Elementary School (Chicago Lawn).  Following her ministry in education, Sister Evelyn served as a nurse at Osmond Hospital in Osmond, Nebraska, and later at Loretto Hospital and Holy Cross Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.  Sister Evelyn currently serves in prayer ministry at Franciscan Village in Lemont, Illinois.


 Sister M. Andreata

Diamond Jubilee (75 years)

Sister Andreata Naudziunas was born in Boston, Massachusetts. Her ministry has been in the areas of education, accounting, and data entry.  She ministered as a teacher at St. George Elementary School (Bridgeport), All Saints Elementary School (Roseland), Nativity BVM Elementary School (Chicago lawn), and Providence of God Elementary School (Pilsen).   Sister Andreata also did accounting at Villa Joseph Marie High School in Holland, Pennsylvania, and then at Holy Cross Hospital in Chicago. After she retired from Holy Cross Hospital, she did data entry for the Maria High School Alumnae Office and ministered in the food pantry of the Sisters of St. Casimir, located in the SSC’s Motherhouse,    Sister Andreata currently serves in prayer ministry at Our Lady of Victory Convent in Lemont, Illinois.



 Sister Lucille Zelvys

Diamond Jubilee (60 years)

Sister Lucille Zelvys, a native of Taurage, Lithuania, has ministered in the areas of education and health care. Teaching assignments have been at Providence of God Elementary School (Pilsen) and Immaculate Conception Elementary School (Brighton Park).  Sister Lucille has also ministered as a nurse at Loretto Hospital, Maria High School, and Holy Cross Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.  She currently serves in prayer ministry at Franciscan Village in Lemont, Illinois.



 Sister Marilyn Kuzmickus 

Diamond Jubilee (60 years)

Sister Marilyn Kuzmickus was born in Waukegan, Illinois. She has served in the areas of education, formation ministry, and congregational leadership.  Her teaching assignments have been at Immaculate Conception Elementary School (Brighton Park), St. George Elementary School (Bridgeport), Saints Peter and Paul Elementary School (West Pullman), Providence of God Elementary School (Pilsen), and Maria High School (Chicago Lawn).  She also served as a formation minister and as General Superior of the congregation.  Sister Marilyn currently serves in prayer ministry at Franciscan Village in Lemont, Illinois.



 Sister M. Janine Golubickis 

Diamond Jubilee (60 years)


Sister M. Janine Golubickus was born in Gary, Indiana. Her major areas of ministry have been education, pastoral ministry, and vocation/formation ministry.  She has served as a teacher at All Saints Elementary School (Roseland), Saints Peter and Paul Elementary School (West Pullman), and Providence of God Elementary School (Pilsen), and has served in pastoral ministry at Holy Family Villa in Palos Park, Illinois.  Sister Janine’s current ministry is coordinator for the Sisters of St. Casimir in assisted living in Franciscan Village, Lemont, Illinois.


  Sister Regina Marie Dubickas

Golden Jubilee (50 years)

 Sister Regina Marie Dubkicas was born in Schleswig, Germany. She has served in the areas of education, vocation/formation ministry, psychology, and congregational leadership.  She taught at Immaculate Conception Elementary School (Brighton Park), Nativity BVM Elementary School (Chicago Lawn), and Providence of God Elementary School (Pilsen).  Sister Regina Marie also served as vocation and formation directress and she did counseling.  She currently is the General Superior of the congregation.