Where We Minister

The Sisters of St. Casimir sponsor Villa Joseph Marie High School in Holland, PA.  We also have two missions in Argentina.


The Sisters of St. Casimir founded Villa Joseph Marie High School in 1932.  This private Catholic college-preparatory school for young women is located on fifty-five wooded acres in suburban Holland, PA.  The school excels in academics and the Fine Arts, and has also shown itself to be a nation-wide champion in athletics.

Sister Marilyn Karpovich with VJM studentsVilla Joseph Marie defines itself by the special charism of its foundress, Venerable Mother Maria Kaupas, and by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  Modeling Venerable Mother Maria’s belief in a life of faith, love, and service, the dedicated faculty encourages and celebrates the dignity, potential, and uniqueness of each student.  A Villa graduate is a Christ-like woman committed to a life of faith and service, a lifelong learner, and an empowered global citizen.







Sisters in ArgentinaIn October 1941, the Sisters of St. Casimir arrived in Argentina, thus fulfilling a dream of our foundress, Venerable Mother Maria, who had died the year before.  Today the Sisters maintain a presence in Cordoba and Avellaneda.


In Cordoba, one of our Sisters teaches in the parish elementary school, one trains cateachists, provides pastoral support in the parish, and works with the women in the villa (barrios) on the outskirts of the city, helping to provide cultural experiences for them, and the other Sister tutors within the neighborhood and in an orphanage.  All three of the Sisters are active members of the local parish.


In Avellaneda (near Buenos Aires), the Sisters’ love and dedication have given rise to a strong Associate program where the people pray with the Sisters and assist them in ministry on a regular basis.   One of the Sisters ministers within the villa, training catechists, assisting with a candle-making enterprise, and providing direct assistance to the people within the villa, another Sister provides music ministry within the parish, tutors local elementary school students, and is actively involved with religious within the diocese, and a third Sister is a psychologist and active member  of the parish.

You can read more about our Argentine mission by clicking English or Spanish.